Malmö University Critical-Vitalist Studies in Childhood, Education and Society

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The book-series follows and renews a critical-vitalist tradition in the human and social sciences. At the core of such scientific studies are the creative evolution of human and world, the irreducibility of educational life to mechanist or finalist explanations, and continuous critique of taken-for-granted ideas of what constitutes a ‘good’ life and childhood for children. The series welcomes contributions that adopt a critical-creative methodology in the study of past, present and future educational core-questions of importance for children’s lives within and outside formal educational contexts. Such questions may focus, but are not limited to, children’s meaning-making, peer-cultures, and citizenship in relation to contemporary cultural, environmental and political changes in society.

Editors: Hanna Sjögren & Liselott Mariett Olsson

Editorial board: Linnea Bodén, Lovisa Bergdahl, Marie-Louise Stjerna, Johan Dahlbeck, Nina Johannesen, Janna Lundberg, Carolina Martinez, Malin Ideland, Hanna Hofverberg, Signe Hvid Thingstrup & Annika Åkerblom

Contact: Hanna Sjögren

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